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Save time when getting ready for running with keys

There is always much to do when you are about to get ready for running, to start with wrapping oneself up well on cold winter runs.
So if you don’t use a replacement key for running, you can simplify the process of getting ready however.

Prepare your keys once, enjoy it forever:

1) Thread the perfect rubber band through the keyring

gummiband schlüssel laufen

2) Attach any appropiate adapter to the keyring (snap hooks, karabiners..)

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The next time you’d like to run with your keys, you’ve got the rubber band on hand. Also you don’t have to fiddle the keys from other keys again and again. It’s knickknack but you will not only enjoy it as impatient person.

If you need one key only to take with you for the run, attach a string to the key as with one key you will find more useful methods this way. You find it here.

Become a rubbunner (=rubber band runner)!
Your key to recognize people who run.

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