What to do with your keys when running

What to do with your keys while running

What to do with your keys when runningDon’t be tied down by your keys!
How to store them: 10 free ways

  1. Keep your keys from jingling when running by Use a rubber band to get rid of jingling your keys when runningtying a rubber band around them. The shorter, the better! Also, broader ones work better on keys when running. You can use a hair tie, too. But when it comes to best hold and quick undoing at once, any rubber band just makes the run. Now, where to put the keys while running?

2. How to store your keys while running: Tie them in shoe lacesThread the keys through your shoe laces. Often it’s useful to pull the lace out of the first hole, thread the key and put the lace back through the hole.

Fix the threaded keys under the tied laces or into the side of the shoe. Secure with double knot.

3. Store your keys when running in your head band or scarfTie the keys with a rubber band in your head band or scarf. Make sure you wear the keys when running on the inside – as head band, scarf or two times around your wrist.



4. Tie the keys into your pants string. Secure with double knot.

Running with keys - tie keys in pants string

5. Pin the keys with a safety pin into your pants.

Keys running - pin them with safety pin in pants


6. Attach the keyring to a hair tie and wear it around your wrist.
Fix the key in it. Works best with one key only. If you do not often
have to reattach the key to other keys, carry your keys when running like this: Wearing your
key without the keyring threaded on any string instead.

Fix keys while running in hair tie and wear them around your wrist


Make your own: Quick sewn solutions for running with keys

7. Sew a hair tie inside your pants with a few stitches.
Knot your key to it. To get the perfect length of hair tie
knot the key before stitching. Store your keys while running even better by sticking the keys between body and another tight shorts underneath.

Sew hairtie into pants for running with keys

8. Sew a simple basic key pocket for inside your pants.
Here are the instructions.

DIY running bag for pants to store keys while running

9. Sew a simple, customizable pocket for inside your pants.
Holds your smaller devices like phones, mp3-players besides
your keys, too. Tie your keys into the string and secure your
device at once. Instructions and pattern coming soon.

DIY running bag for pants to store keys, handy, mp3player, mobile phone while running

10. Sew a highly customizable belt bag with or without a zipper.
Store your keys when running with all you need. Wear it above or
underneath around your hips. Qualified for heavier devices
like smartphones. Instructions and pattern coming soon.

Put keys phone pouch while running in diy bag

How to store your keys when running – two more tips for people wearing bras or ponytails:

If you have short hair or a small ponytail you may put your ponytail through the keyring and get more hold. Put your keys in your sports bra for running with keysFix the keys under the hair tie to stop bouncing.Put your keys in your ponytail for running with keys

If your bra has no pocket you may simply tie your key with a hair tie into the straps. Wear the keys on the inside of your bra. To avoid rubbing it is recommended to wrap a tissue around the keys and fix it into the keyring or rubber band.


Some more tips where to store keys while running:

No run without your watch?

Do the key inside your watch while running.

keys in watch with hair tie or rubber bandtip fix keys in watch for running - store keys while runningTie it to the watch’s strap and fix it under the strap. You can use a hair tie or just the same rubber band which you also use to prevent jingling, if its length suffices.


Are you a true minimalistic runner?

Just hold the keys in your hand.
Yep, this sounds silly. But there must be a lot of runners out there carrying their keys in their hands while running and  all of them point out this method’s practical utility.
keys in hands runnerIt sure is a quick and simple way. And it truly is not that impractical as some think. No jingling, no bouncing, no moving around, no digging for the key, no costs.
Many say – hey, it is not that uncomfortable as you think – especially if you put your finger through the keyring. And anyway, isn’t it quite ingenious as many may not even think about this possibility in times of having accessories with bags and pockets everywhere?

Yet this “solution” lacks an important aspect for ambitious runners: You will not run with a preferred limber stance with a key in your hand!
Regarding to the wearing comfort, it is also quite likely that a key-in-hands-runners just did not find or never tried any other solution yet which is designed to be more comfortable.

Put the keys in your socks.
Unfortunately, in most cases the keys pinch, rub and move around even in tight socks. But you can try to optimize it by three methods:

1. Tie the keys tight around your ankle before tucking them into your socks.
2. Sew an old fabric in the shape of an rectangle, fitting your keys, inside your socks. Close this “pocket” with a safety pin. Do this for a few of your socks or never change your socks again 😉
3. Try solution 5 or solution 7.

Put the keys under the innersole of your shoe.
This has to be tried out individual. But in most cases it is not recommendable as the keys slip around. Also limited to one key only.

Wear the keys like a necklace around your neck.
Thread the keys to any piece of string, put it around your neck and stick it under a tight top.



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How do you store your keys when running?


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