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DIY running bag for pants to store keys while running

Simple basic running pocket – DIY

Sew your own very easy pocket that keeps your keys, money and more – within few minutes

quick running pocket diy


Step 1)

Cut a long strip of cloth (eg from old t-shirt’s sleeves) measuring

23cm x 7,5cm

for a common large key pocket. This includes a total of 2cm seam allowance in length (23cm) and 1cm sewing allowance in width (7,5cm). This makes a pocket with 9,5cm height and 6,5cm width.

Turn up 1cm on both short sides and stitch them down to the left side of cloth (seam).

Step 2)

Turn up circa 3cm of the cloth right side on right side.

Step 3)

sew a running pocket easy turn up step 3Turn up the other side as well and above the first “turn-up” from step 2). Keep clearance for 1,5cm to the upper edge as you want to be able to sew the pocket to something. If you have customized the measurements – the upper “turn-up” lies on around the half of the lower “turn-up”.

Close all side seams.

Step 4)

Turn around the pocket and stitch the upper edge on an unremarkable location inside eg your sports shorts.


As few stitches are required only, sewing by hand is possible, if you are in lack of a sewing machine.